Ave Maria

Director: Basil Khalil

Actors: Maria Zreik, Huda Al Imam, Shady Srour, Ruth Farhi, Maya Koren, Sana Tanous, Maria De Pina, Raneen Bisharat Iskandar

Production: Incognito Films, Flying Moon Filmproduktion

Genres: Comedy, Short

Country: France, Germany, Palestine

Release Year: 2015

Duration: 15 min

Total viewed: 0

Synopsis: Nuns of the 'Sisters of Mercy' convent in the middle of the West Bank wilderness have their daily routine of silence and prayer disrupted when a family of religious Israeli settlers crash their car into the convent's wall. The Sabbath is approaching and they need to get home urgently, however, because of the Sabbath laws, the Israelis can't operate a phone to call for assistance, and the Nuns have taken a vow of silence. Together they have to come up with an unorthodox plan to help them get home.

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