Center Stage

Director: Nicholas Hytner

Actors: Amanda Schull, Christine Dunham, Stephen Stout, Maryann Plunkett, Laura Hicks, Barbara Caruso, Jeff Hayenga, Zoe Saldana, Victor Anthony, Karen Shallo, Carlo Alban, Giselle Daly, Ethan Stiefel, Susan May Pratt, Shakiem Evans

Production: Columbia Pictures Corporation, Laurence Mark Productions

Genres: Music, Drama, Romance

Country: USA

Release Year: 2000

Duration: 115 min

Total viewed: 0

Synopsis: The education of three young students, Jodie, Eva and Maureen, as they study at the American Ballet Academy. Life isn't what they expected at the esteemed ABA, and all three face problems along the road. Jodie doesn't have the "ideal" body for dancing, Eva doesn't have the right attitude, and Maureen doesn't have the heart. Along the way, they learn that love can be found in unlikely places, and dancing should be a passion, not a duty.

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