Dead in Tombstone

Director: Roel Reiné

Actors: Danny Trejo, Mickey Rourke, Anthony Michael Hall, Dina Meyer, Richard Dillane, Colin Mace, Emil Hostina, Ovidiu Niculescu, Ronan Summers, Edward Akrout, Radu Andrei Micu, James Carroll Jordan, Daniel Lapaine, George Remes, Ioan Cortea

Production: Universal 1440 Entertainment, Capital Arts Entertainment

Genres: Action, Western, Fantasy, Horror

Country: USA

Release Year: 2013

Duration: 100 min

Total viewed: 0

Synopsis: A gang overruns a small mining town murdering their own leader Guerrero (Trejo) in a cold-blooded power grab. Sentenced to eternity in hell he finds himself confronted by Satan himself (Rourke), offering a daring proposition: deliver the six souls of his former gang and he will escape damnation. With time running out, he sets out on a brutal rampage to avenge his own death.

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